Meditation Made Available to Everyone

Join us every


7:30pm to 9:15pm

for a donations-only meditation class.

Yoga to the People studio

12 Saint Marks Place, 4R


Come explore the experience of meditation with our donation-based classes. Taught in a group setting, the power of this practice can awaken the heart, quiet the mind and relax the body.

Why Meditation?

The landscape of meditation is vast. Its forms vary through cultures and religions, rooted in tradition while also formulated by individual exploration. 

Meditation can be a powerful respite from today's societal expectations of, "Be more, do more, work harder, strive to be the best."  The problem is that the harder we try to meet these expectations, the more tense we become... and the more tense we become, the worse we perform.  


Active Meditation NYC teaches that in order to be our best, to give each moment our best, and to receive the best from each moment, we need to be as aware as possible... and awareness requires us to be relaxed.

Rather than pressuring ourselves and trying to live up to others' ideas of who and what we should be, we can utilize our meditation practice to tap into our innermost passions that are often misplaced or forgotten, thereby creating excellence through clarity that comes from truly knowing ourselves.

You can't fail at meditating. The very nature of the practice doesn't fall into the categories of success and failure as defined by the modern world.  Here, our inner world elements of patience, compassion and acceptance allow for an experience that far exceeds the typical day-to-day experiences of our lives.


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