How we got here

It started in 2005 with a commitment to making the benefits of yoga available to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, through our donation-based studios called Yoga to the People. 

I am deeply grateful and humbled by this work, and I'm incredibly excited to share what I know to be the next evolution in supporting our community's self-awareness and well-being. It comes in the form of meditation.

There are many forms of meditation; the style that's familiar to most is passive meditation, which involves sitting quietly with eyes closed, legs in lotus position, body erect, and repeating a mantra such as, "I am not my thoughts, I am not my body." 


Despite my decades of experience with yoga, I struggled with the passive approach to meditation. I'd find myself having thoughts about not having thoughts and unable to arrive at that place of quietly being.

Then I discovered active meditations. These practices are designed with the observation that the mind tends to resist what is "put on it". When the body is still, the mind wants to be active, and conversely, when the body is active, the mind is more apt to long for a quiet and still experience. 

What I'm introducing with Active Meditation NYC is a combination of passive, active and guided meditations. It is intended as an invitation to those who are curious and ready to engage in the silence of their minds and hidden treasures that reside in our hearts.

~Greg Gumucio, YTTP Founder

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